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Why Music?

Why Hannah?

○ Music enhances academic performance in other content areas.

○ Expression in fine arts during the school day enables a well-rounded


○ Music is the only academic subject that uses both  brain hemispheres simultaneously

○ Playing music enhances focus and dexterity.

○ Young people need creative outlets to express challenges and new experiences that happen in formative years of development.

○ Inclusivity and equity are at  the heart of her professional goals.

○ Uses creative strategies to

approach problem solving.

○ Teaches students to be leaders in service and musical excellence.

○ A life-long learner & always seeking ways to expand her pedagogy and skillset.

○ Works with students of all ages

and abilities.

Want to learn more about Hannah?

The arts can increase self-discipline and motivation, contribute to a positive self-image, provide an acceptable outlet for emotions, and help to develop creative and intuitive thinking processes not always inherent in other academic disciplines."
- Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Board of Directors,
March 1989
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